Do you feel loveable? Can you look in the mirror and say, “I love me?”  Did you know that a majority of our youth would truthfully say “no” when asked if they loved themselves?  Yes, statistically over 65% of our population has a low self worth and a low evaluation of themselves. Why is this?  Do you know that how we value ourselves is significantly linked to our success in life?   Self Worth is a key ingredient to achieving our goals and fulfilling our potential for success. Do you know that low self worth is linked to our crime rate, eating disorders, suicide, depression, teen pregnancy, bullying, drug abuse, school dropout rate, low performance and many other undesirable situations?

ilovemeUR-logo-smallis dedicated to helping children claim their worthiness of unconditional love and success.  Our U Can Do It!® educational programs and trainings are targeted to helping youth love themselves and attain a positive self-image while helping parents and adults learn how to have a positive impact on our children’s development and self worth.

We invite you to get involved and join with us to make our vision a reality. Help us change our world one child at a time by helping them see that they are lovable and can achieve success.